What's this about?

The Story

Whenever I fly into town from NYC, Grandma Eileen (age 98) and I have a long-standing tradition of eating lunch at Wendy's.

As a self-absorbed millennial I've relished my time with her as she brings me back to what's important. For 2-3 hours she seamlessly weaves through humor, seriousness and depth, sharing stories, asking questions and learning. I always leave a better human.

Following one of our lunches in October last year I tweeted this photo. Wendy's kindly retweeted it, and she was absolutely floored (as was I).

"It's like you can talk to Wendy's! My generation could never do this."

The Idea

Her excitement from this experience gave me an idea for her upcoming birthday on January 10th: Let's see if Wendy's would let her take over @Wendys for her 99th birthday! 

Just one day where anyone can send her questions (using the hashtag #AskEileen) and she gets to share her wisdom.

Questions: michaelTmatthews@gmail.com or @MobileMatthews